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Pulstec USA, inc. has been providing service and support to customers in North and South America since its founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Pulstec Industrial co. ltd.
In DVD and Blu-ray disc test equipment market, Pulstec has been recognized as a leading provider from the beginning. Now, the high quality sensor technology is being forwarded to X-ray diffraction technique. Our unique technology brings customers easy operation in evaluating Residual Stress, Retained Austenite and FWHM by the X-ray diffraction technique. The μ-X360s is recognized as a world's the most portable XRD residual stress analyzer.
-Low X-ray power
-Cycle time is 90sec.
-Full 2D sensor

Measurement Items:
-Residual Stress
-Retained Austenite
Measurement Items:
-DVD book items
-BD spec items
Measurement service and equipment rental is available.
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